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Contractual Terms is the website used for the virtual store Frescodivigna srl.

  • Corporate Name: Frescodivigna srl
  • Registered office: Piazza Risorgimento, 16 93017 - San Cataldo (CL)
  • Telephone: +39 0934/546658
  • Fax: +39 0934/1930351
  • E-mail:
  • VAT No.: 01872010853
  • REA: 104617

Contracts stipulated on the website are part of the category online sales contract. This kind of contracts are stipulated at distance between the supplier, Frescodivigna srl located in San Cataldo  (CL), Piazza Risorgimento, 16, and the consumer, a person who buys services and products for purposes not necessary linked to its job.

For the purchase contract, it is necessary to fill in the online form and give the consent to the purchase.

Sale prices and purchase conditions

All prices expressed are inclusive of VAT 20%, unless otherwise stated VAT excluded.

Shipping costs and delivery

Frescodivigna srl will deliver your items using shipping agency or will deliver it directly in case your address is in the distribution area of our shop delivery service.

Delivery will be made to the address specified in your order by our own means if in Sicily ) or if outside Sicily by express couriers affiliated to us.

Delivery is guaranteed in 24/48 hours within all Italy or 3/15 days for International shipping by express courier and in any case not more than what is foreseen in the art. 6 of Legislative Decree 185/1999.

Shipping costs are changeable according to the destination and the weight of the goods.

Frescodivigna, akes its best to ensure that goods are delivered to you in good conditions using only state - of - the - art packages such as ( Vigorous Bottle Pack ) specific for glass bottles shipping and realized by corrugated cardboard to protect the goods.

Products Availability

Our website Frescodivigna srl () has been conceived in order to keep updated the stock availability of our products to avoid long waits.

If the purchase order is more than the quantity available in our stock, Frescodivigna srl will notify the buyer via e-mail about the waiting period for the items requested.

The buyer will be free to decide to wait or to cancel the order without any further charge.

Refund Policy and Order Cancellation

The buyer has the right to ask for the refund in case he is not satisfied of his purchase. In that case, the buyer has the right to cancel his order up to 10 days after the receipt of an item by:

  • FAX : +39 0934 1930351;
  • Recorded delivery addressed to:  Frescodivigna srl – Piazza Risorgimento, 16  – 93017 San Cataldo (CL - Italy).

The buyer must take charge of the goods' return. The refund is only for goods not broken when returned and it cannot be applied to the items which by their nature cannot be returned or risk to alter or deteriorate rapidly.

The refund of the whole amount will be within 20 days if there are the above conditions.

Rights, duties and responsibilities of the supplier

Frescodivigna srl ()  declines any liability in case of accidents, theft or robbery to the courier charged for the delivery and also in case of fires, explosions, earthquakes, strikes or lock-out, flood or any other similar events that hinder, totally or partially, what agreed in the contract.

Frescodivigna srl ()  is not responsible in any case for damages, losses or costs referred to the causes mentioned above, as the consumer has only the right for the refund of the price he paid. Frescodivigna srl is not responsible also in case of fraudulent and illicit use by third parties of credit cards, cheques or any other payment means during the purchase of the items. Frescodivigna srl is not able, in any moment, to verify the credit card number of the buyer because it is communicated directly to the bank.

Rights, duties and responsibilities of the customer

Once the online purchase procedure is completed, the consumer has the duty to print and keep a copy of these general terms and conditions that he has already read and accepted to complete the purchase.

The above general conditions can be updated in any time by Frescodivigna srl that will contact its own customers on this web space or by email.

The consumer commit himself to print and keep a copy of any modifications to these general terms and conditions. It is strictly forbidden to the purchaser to write any fake data in the registration procedure which is necessary to the activation of the contract. The customer declines Frescodivigna srl of any liability for the issue of incorrect fiscal documents due to some data errors provided by the customer himself, in fact, only the customer is responsible to enter his own data properly.

Bank Authorization

Filling the appropriate space on the website of the banking system for payment, the customer authorizes Frescodivigna srl to use his credit card and debit his current account in favour of Frescodivigna srl for the total amount of the online purchase.

The whole procedure is done through secure connection directly connected to the Bank owner and manager of the payment system online, to which Frescodivigna srl cannot have access in any case.

Contract cancellation and termination clause

The consumer has the right to cancel the order within 24 hours from the online form registration.

Following that the consumer can have the right of rescission as described above. In case of cancellation by Frescodivigna srl, due to its inability for a on time delivery, the customer has the right to have the total refund of the amount. Frescodivigna srl has the right to breach the contract notifying the customer with justified reasons; in that case the customer is entitled to have only the refund of the amount already paid. Are essentials the bonds assumed by customer upon acceptance of the terms mentioned above and the guarantee of the successful payment that the customer makes by authorized means. As agreed above, failure by the customer of one of these bonds will determine the cancellation of the contract (under ex art. 1456 c.c.), with no need of judicial decision, except the right for Frescodivigna srl to act in court for compensation of damage.

Problems and malfunctioning

The purchase of the products is done through the IT online system designed, developed and maintained by CLIC ~ Web Marketing Consulting.

In case of problems with the IT system for the purchase of the products such as the virtual basket, please contact ~ providing your personal details such as name, surname and telephone number, then the date and the problem you had with the system.

Jurisdiction Court

The court of Caltanissetta will have jurisdiction over any disputes between the parties related to this agreement.

Important Documents - Read more

Full text of Legislative Decree 22 May 1999, n. 185 ( Implementation of Directive 97/7/EC on the consumer protection for distance contracts ).